Anse bleue original painting by Manu Rich
  • Anse bleue original painting by Manu Rich

Manu Rich

Blue Arch, original painting by Manu Rich

Fiche technique

  • Dimensions: 120x120 cm
  • Material: Acrylic on canvas
  • Painter: Manu Rich
  • original work

Here is a canvas that vibrates with energy and color and will surely brighten up your daily life.  All you need above a large sofa, or in your entryway…

The Artist:  Manu Rich is a French painter whose work centers on color and feeling.  He likes to concentrate on the sun’s heat and light, and the depth and mystery of shadow.  Music is always in the background when he paints, giving him energy that he channels into reinterpreting everyday objects, using them as a bridge from the inside to the outside.

His other major theme is nature, its expression and its memory.  He uses the sound of the wind that comes and goes, the song of the sea, the crackling of a fire, the warmth of the earth and the flight of birds.

Manu Rich shows his work regularly in Paris, at the Pascaline Mulliez gallery, and in group expositions in both Paris and throughout France.  His paintings have also been displayed in New York and Copenhagen.  The ensemble of his work has been awarded the Taylor Foundation prize.