Valérie Béthouart-Dolique

Valerie Bethouart Dolique      

In 2003, after building a successful career in the business world at  McKinsey & Co., the world leader in management consulting, Valérie Dolique set off in a completely different professional direction, creating a new concept for an interior design boutique: Rêve à Part.

Since then, she has lived her passion for decoration and interior design, always in search of objects of exceptional beauty.  She completed her training in 2005 at the famous French design schools Ecole Boulle and Greta des Arts Appliqués.  Two years later, she founded her own interior design firm, Vue sur Seine (A View of the Seine), which quickly attracted a discerning clientele with a taste for the original.

Tired of always seeing the same interior in so many homes, the same trendy, designer “It” furniture that quickly gets copied and reproduced on a mass scale, Valérie Dolique decided to turn her ideas into an online reality by launching a site for those who are looking for something else...

Endlessly searching for rare and beautiful objects, a fan of pieces that are unique or in limited series, on the lookout for new designers and artisans, she always keeps her clients and their expectations in mind as she searches all over Europe for unique, hard-to-find, or unusual pieces that inspire the imagination.

Today, Valérie Dolique is widening her horizons to include the needs of professionals. Whether they are part of a large enterprise or a small, one-person office, they have a need for inspiration and beauty in their everyday surroundings, just like individual homeowners. 

And the story comes full circle...


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