Living with dogs
  • Living with dogs


Wohnen mit hund (Living with Dogs)

Fiche technique

  • Author: Manuela Von Perfall
  • Photos: Anja Hölper
  • September 2011
  • 176p.
  • Price: 28.05€
  • Language: German


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wohnen mit hund

It is possible to live with dogs in an exceptional and elegant environment, and here is the photographic proof.  Eighteen celebrities from the artistic and entertainment world open their doors—including actors, screenwriters, German nobility and architects—and share with us their personal relationship with their canine companions.  Far from being relegated to the yard, these delightful dogs accompany each moment of their day.   

Living with Dogs is a fascinating book, not only for dog owners, but also for those who wish to be inspired by exceptionally refined living spaces.  While the text is in German, the numerous and magnificent illustrations need no translation and allow us to enter into this unique and beautiful world. 

Long live Franco-German friendship!