Mirage, horse riding painting by Elisabeth de Cherisey, France
  • Mirage, horse riding painting by Elisabeth de Cherisey, France

Elisabeth de Chérisey

Mirage, original painting by Elisabeth de Chérisey

Mirage - 1,200.00 € TTC

Fiche technique

  • Dimensions: 80x80 cm
  • Material: oil on canvas

Three horses emerge from the woods into the mist.  The feeling is there, almost palpable, in the silence of the dawn...

The artist: Born in 1967, Elisabeth de Chérisey's passion and artistic talent revealed themselves early in life...

Graphic arts diploma in hand, this multifaceted artist started her career creating giant one-of-a-kind ceramics and tableware collections for renown French porcelain manufacturers Bernardaud, Raynaud and Gien, among others. But her true passion is painting.  She creates series of paintings, including character studies and horses, that depict slices of life.  Her most recent source of inspiration is the forest and its centuries-old trees. Since 2005, Elisabeth's work has been shown in Brussels, London (Royal College of art) and in major galleries on Paris' right bank.

The horse theme:  Elisabeth is a skilled rider.  From memories of her first rides on Shetland ponies to the giddiness of training racehorses, she tries to recreate the movement, the emotions...