Afghan hound sculpture by Marie Christophe, France
  • Afghan hound sculpture by Marie Christophe, France
  • Marie Christophe sculptures and lamps, France
  • Each sculpture is signed and numbered

Marie Christophe

Afghan Hound by Marie Christophe

Afghan hound - 2,520.00 € TTC

Fiche technique

  • Dimensions: 100 cm long
  • Material: Wire
  • Signed and numbered series


Can be custom made to other measurements and other dog breeds

For fans of Afghan hounds, dogs, or animals in general, an animal sculpture that is full of movement.  You sense that the dog is ready to move, almost alive...

If you were going to sum up the work of French artist Marie Christophe, you could say that it is an improbable marriage between lightness and sculpture.  The choice of materials is what creates the sense of lightness: iron and brass wire bent and twisted into web-like shapes that float in space without invading it.  Marie Christophe punctuates these airy forms with luxurious elements like crystal, or more humble ones like ceramic.

Mixing and fusing genres, Marie Christophe's delicate silhouettes address the eternal question: where is the limit between decorative art and sculpture?  One of her sculptures might be hung from the ceiling and fitted with four electric sockets and thereby transform itself into a hanging lamp.  Where does art end and the object begin?

For 15 years, Marie Christophe has been making her marvelous creations for individuals and  institutions, as well as some of France's greatest luxury houses, including Hermès, Dior, Chanel and Baccarat, just to name the most well-known.